Alutec GmbH was founded 07-23-1998 with 23 staff members.

The current board, consisting of former employees and today’s managing directors Adrian Schiffer †, Manfred Grosch and Karlheinz Fritzsche took over the precursor foundry Eugen Strub Metallguss KG from the bankruptcy.

Based on the 20 years of experience of the predecessor company and also the three managing directors in the field of casting and machining of highly stressed aluminum castings, Alutec has been able to further develop the business with companies such as Siemens, ABB, Bombardier and Indian Railways and brought the company to the road of success.

These rock-solid business connections has been expanded over the last 40 years, so today we have the image of a reliable partner for casting and machining high-strength aluminum castings which supplies their customers to their complete satisfaction worldwide.

The currently 85 employees produce gearboxes, wheelset, muffler bodies, car body adaptors, stator housing and much more for well-known major companies in a three-shift operation.

Investments in new manufacturing facilities, machining centers and testing equipment over the years have made Alutec GmbH a well-known supplier of the highest quality castings.

Approximately 400 tons of cast aluminum leaves the company every year. The annual turnover of around 10 million euros has already clearly exceeded the level of the precursor foundry that had gone bankrupt at the time.

The existing certifications DIN ISO 9001 and 14001, as well as the DB approval and the classification as Q1 supplier speak for themselves today.

Alutec GmbH has been well-known in the aluminum foundry market for more than 20 years and has evolved as a system supplier of raw materials as well as fully machined and assembled components.

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