The machine table load and the connected moment of inertia are particularly critical factors in high-speed/processing centers.

By using high-tensile aluminum alloys, it is now possible to achieve a weight reduction of more than 50% compared to the base elements made of gray cast iron alloys or steel.

The high-tensile aluminum alloy (AlCu4TiAg) used in our clamping base elements (pallets, angle brackets and cubes) is comparable to steel with respect to its yield strength (460 N/mm²) and tensile strength (510 N/mm²), and furthermore provides excellent protection against corrosion. Our base elements are furthermore coated with hard-anodized material, thereby achieving a surface hardness of 550 HV.

In addition to standard sizes, all of our high-tensile aluminum clamping base elements are available with nearly all desired dimensions and shapes.

Our clamping elements are available with all standard grid plates and customizable based on your needs.